The Claims Process


STEp 1

Call WHITAKER ROOFING COMPANY for a free storm damage inspection. We will inspect the roof for signs of hail or wind damage and review our findings with the homeowner. We will provide a detailed assessment including pictures of the damage. Upon the homeowners' decision we will assist with calling your insurance company to file the claim.




Once the claim has been started the insurance company will call and schedule with the homeowner a date to come out and inspect the properties sustained damages. Once you have confirmation of the date they wish to inspect the property, contact WHITAKER ROOFING COMPANY and a qualified representative will meet with your insurance adjuster to review damages and come to a verbal agreement about covered repairs.



The insurance adjuster will send the homeowner paperwork for what damages they will cover. Before accepting, contact WHITAKER ROOFING COMPANY so that we may review and verify that the damages have been fairly evaluated and accurately reported.


Contact WHITAKER ROOFING COMPANY to meet and sign paperwork for repairs to begin. Once repairs are completed, WHITAKER ROOFING COMPANY will contact the homeowners insurance to file all required documents, in order for the insurance to release the withheld depreciation money to finalize the total payment of repairs.