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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured?

We are often asked about our license and insurance which shows that many homeowners are both informed and concerned. You should be. Both are very important and you should ask for proof. A legitimate roofing contractor will not be the least bit offended.

This is not just a matter of compliance with Georgia law, but your own personal protection.

State law in Georgia requires that if you’re working on any roof other than your own, you are required to be licensed; both personal and business license are required.

Why are there streaks on my roof?

Streaks or Discoloration on Roof

Approximately five years after installation, roofs can begin to show signs of dark streaks. The dark streaks usually appear on the north-facing slope of the roof and are mistaken for dirt or granule loss. These streaks are commonly caused by algae growth that is prominent in areas of the roof that receive less sunlight.

Moisture & Algae

Roof slopes that are shaded or receive little sunlight will hold moisture for a longer period of time which can result in algae growth. The discoloration or streaking is an aesthetic concern and does not affect the life of the roof system or its waterproofing characteristics.

Zinc strips can be added to a ridge of a roof to prevent algae from forming. Various solutions can be used to remove algae growth, although this is a temporary solution, as it will grow back.

Use Caution When Cleaning

It is important to use extreme care when attempting to remove discoloration as many harsh treatments or power washing can harm your roof system and result in granule loss.

What should be done prior to the roofing installation?

We make this as easy as possible for you by requiring very little on your part.

We do recommend that you remove or secure any fragile or irreplaceable items on the walls or ceilings inside your home. During the installation of your roof, there will be some vibration on your walls and ceilings and we will not be responsible for any damage to unsecured items that are disturbed or fall.

Your roofing installation will begin in the morning on the scheduled day and we ask that you move your vehicles out of the garage and onto the street the night before. This way we will not intrude on your morning routine.

Why does one side of my roof wear faster?

The southern slope of a roof will typically wear faster than the other roof slopes as it receives the most sun exposure. Over the life of a roof system UV rays will slowly break down the roofing material.

Which shingles do you recommend?

The fact is, we install many types of shingles from various manufacturers and our hands on experience with these products is extensive to say the least. When we answer this question upon evaluating your roof, we’ll be able to make a recommendation specifically suited to your needs, budget, and home structure.

Should I be concerned about nails?

To answer both yes and no is appropriate. Are we going to leave your property without conscientious cleanup like some roofing companies would? Absolutely not! Are we going to guarantee we find every last stray nail during the cleanup? That would be unrealistic.

We do however use meticulous methods to assure your yard and driveway are free of loose nails.

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