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Storm Damage

Free Comprehensive Rooftop Analysis For Storm Damage

Nothing beats free. At Whitaker Roofing, we offer every homeowner a free, no-obligation digital report that carefully analyzes their roof for signs of hail and storm-related damage. Unlike most contractors, we walk your entire roof and take a first-person video of it. We then show you close-up details of your roof and carefully explain anything we observe. Our personalized attention to detail empowers you to confidently take the next steps in restoring or replacing your roof.

A roof with damaged shingles being inspected by the experts from Whitaker Roofing.
Top view of a residential roof replacement performed by Whitaker Roofing in Douglasville, GA.

Proactive, Timely Roofing Inspection Services

If your home has suffered the devastating effects of wind, rain, or hail, your first call needs to be to Whitaker Roofing. We set the industry standard for fast, responsive service. Our expert roofing inspection team will quickly schedule an appointment and meet with you to thoroughly assess your roof to determine any signs of storm damage.

Many homeowners are not aware that insurance companies only provide you with a relatively small window of time (typically no more than 6 months) to file a claim and complete the necessary repairs. If you fail to file a claim timely, in most instances, your insurance policy will not cover the cost of any damage. Similarly, your insurance company may deny coverage if you fail to complete the necessary repairs timely. Having Whitaker Roofing on your side guarantees that the claim will be filed correctly and the work performed on time.

The Experts in Helping Homeowners File Insurance Claims for Storm Damage Repair

Choosing the right contractor to repair your damaged roof is critical. Selecting a contractor without the requisite knowledge and experience to assist you through the insurance claim process will result in unexpected challenges, including insurance coverage denial. Whitaker Roofing specializes exclusively in roof repair and replacement. To that end, we know precisely what insurance companies need to expedite the insurance claims process and satisfy the adjuster.

Our expertise gives you peace of mind that nothing will be missed. Any area of damage to your roof as a result of wind, rain, or hail will be covered by your insurance company and paid out timely. With our years of experience, we can help map out what needs to happen and restore your home’s roof on a defined timeline. Contact Whitaker Roofing today to schedule a free initial consultation and inspection, including a digital rooftop analysis.

A close-up of a gutter that has sustained hail damage during a storm.
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