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Roof Repair

When your home’s roof begins showing signs of excessive wear and tear (or you observe unexplained moisture intrusion), don’t procrastinate. A dilapidated or failing roof will likely cause additional problems to your home and potentially catastrophic and irreversible damage if left unattended.

At Whitaker Roofing Company, we passionately and productively work with homeowners to address roofing problems proactively and permanently. By providing prompt, professional roofing repair services, we take care of known issues (and hidden defects) before they spiral out of control. Contact us today if you’re Georgia or Tennessee property is in need of roof repairs. 

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7 Common Signs That Your Home Needs A Roof Repair

Clogged/Blocked Gutters Or Downspouts

If functioning properly, your home’s gutters and downspouts channel water from your roof to a safe collection area away from your home. However, water no longer flows effectively if the gutters become clogged. As a result, roofing issues often will develop.

Cracked/Curled/Lifted/Warped/Missing Shingles

When an asphalt shingle is broken or absent, your roofing system no longer performs optimally or efficiently. The impacted area with the damaged or missing shingle becomes far more susceptible to water or moisture intrusion and other unwelcome outside disturbances.

Excessive Asphalt Shingle Granule Loss

Shedding too many granules means that your shingles no longer perform maximally. Asphalt shingle granules provide a protective layer to protect your home from outside elements, including the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light rays and water or moisture intrusion.

Higher Than Average Home Energy Bills

Because your roof is part of your home’s ventilation system, roofing holes or openings permit warm or cool air to enter or leave your home unabated. Consequently, your air conditioning or heating unit must work overtime, thus increasing your energy consumption.

Moisture Intrusion/Water Leaks

The presence of unexplained water or moisture in your home (especially following a rain or ice storm) often means that your roofing system has a leak. In many instances, visible water spots on your ceiling denote a severe problem requiring immediate attention.

Presence Of Mildew/Mold/Moss/Algae Growth

Any growth on your roof or in your home’s interior signifies that moisture is collecting and likely causing rot to your roofing material or the inside of your home. A qualified roofing professional can remediate this issue to prevent spreading and further damage.

Sagging Or Sunken Roof Decking

A roof showing signs of depression means serious trouble. Your roof is likely bearing an excess weight load. Consequently, structural issues have weakened it significantly and, potentially, irreversibly. Your roof’s integrity needs restoration with repair or replacement.

Roof Repair Following A Storm

After severe weather passes through your neighborhood, you should promptly evaluate whether your home’s roof suffered any adverse consequences. Tumultuous winds, heavy rains, and violent hail can cause extensive damage to your roof. In many cases, you may not observe visible signs of damage from ground level.

Involving a trained and certified roofing professional (immediately following a storm) to conduct a comprehensive all-points inspection of your entire roofing system provides you with the evidence and findings necessary to make an informed decision regarding what repair or restoration steps to take next.

At Whitaker Roofing Company, we possess the knowledge and experience to facilitate a thorough digital analysis of your roofing system and identify any meaningful areas of concern. We also mitigate your roof against further damage (until a permanent solution can be implemented) and assist with cleanup efforts.

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